Daily Mail (8 November 2020)

Robbed of a last loving hug: Most of the 87,000 people who died in care homes during the coronavirus pandemic were denied family comfort in their final days

Nearly 87,000 residents have died in care homes since the start of the pandemic with the majority denied a last hug from their family.

The figures reveal the tragic toll taken by visiting restrictions and the urgent need to extend Covid testing of visitors to all homes so families can reunite with dying relatives in person.

The latest figures from Public Health England, uncovered by Labour, show there were 86,566 deaths in care homes between March 20 – three days before lockdown – and October 30. Of these, just 15,415 were caused directly by coronavirus.

Mail on Sunday (29 November 2020)

Police on horseback stationed outside MasterChef finalist's London restaurant amid 'Covid-busting office party in full swing in the basement'

Police on horseback were stationed outside an upmarket London restaurant yesterday amid reports of a Covid-busting office party in full swing in the basement.

Staff were heard arguing with officers in the street outside Frog in Covent Garden, run by former MasterChef finalist Adam Handling.

Under the current lockdown rules, restaurants and bars must remain closed, but can provide takeaway food and drink.

Mail On Sunday (22 November 2020)

Martin Bashir 'took clothes of Babes in the Wood murder victim which may have been key evidence - but never returned them to her relatives'

The family of one of the victims of the notorious ‘Babes in the Wood’ murders have accused BBC journalist Martin Bashir of failing them while seeking to advance his own career.

Nicola Fellows and her friend Karen Hadaway, both aged nine, were found murdered in Brighton’s Wild Park in 1986. Five years later and desperate to find the killer, Karen’s mother Michelle allowed Mr Bashir to take away her daughter’s clothes, which had been returned by police.

Mail On Sunday (1 November 2020)

Fred and Rose West's drug addict son, 40, who saw killers beat his sister to death is found dead from a suspected overdose at a hostel

The tormented youngest son of serial killers Fred and Rosemary West has been found dead from a suspected overdose. Barry West, 40, was just seven when he watched his parents beat his sister Heather to death at their Cromwell Street home in Gloucester.

Taken into care five years later, he was too scared to give evidence at his mother's 1995 trial and was plagued by nightmares and psychiatric problems his entire life.

It is understood he had long battled drug addiction.

Mirror Online (17 October 2020)

Missing pregnant ponies feared to have been taken abroad and made into handbags

EXCLUSIVE: Campaigners claim trucks arrived at night to pick up 90 animals, including many heavily pregnant mares and newborn foals from Moor in Cornwall. Scores of pregnant ponies have been herded into lorries and allegedly shipped for slaughter. Campaigners claim trucks arrived at night to pick up 90 animals, including many heavily pregnant mares and newborn foals.

Faye Stacey, head of the charity People4Ponies, said: “The ponies have most likely gone abroad for meat or to make handbags. “It makes me despair because of the apparent complete inaction, or ineffectiveness, of those who are supposed to enforce laws that protect ponies.”

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