Mail On Sunday (8 October 2017)

Lawyers who keep Hollywood abuse secret are to blame, says Weinstein's British producer 'victim', 44, as pressure mounts on A-list stars to denounce 'sex pest' producer

After nearly three decades of artistic and commercial triumph, the reputation of film producer Harvey Weinstein lies in ruins – mired in sleazy claims that at least eight women have been paid hush money to silence their accounts of his sexual harassment.

And today another of Weinstein’s alleged victims, British producer Zelda Perkins – a former Weinstein employee who bravely confronted the mogul about his treatment of women – breaks a 20-year silence...

Mail On Sunday (18 June 2017)

Decision of death: Hero firefighter reveals his harrowing account of the Grenfell inferno as he faced agonising choice whether to save a mother and daughter on the 10th floor or a family on the 14th

The apocalyptic scenes confronting firefighters inside Grenfell Tower are today revealed in detail for the first time by a rescuer who twice fought his way inside the burning building.

Jon Wharnsby recalls the agony of choosing between a terrified mother and daughter screaming on a tenth-floor stairway – or pushing on to a 14th-floor flat where residents also faced death.

Mail On Sunday (11 June 2017)

Young widow sues her husband’s boss for £1million after he fell to his death at a country house party for staff

A young widow is suing her late husband’s boss for £1 million after his country-house party for staff ended in tragedy. Katie Barnes-Mycroft has accused jewellery entrepreneur Jason Allum of failing to safeguard revellers roaming around the garden of his five-bedroom property in Dorset after dark...

Her husband Tom Mycroft – one of Mr Allum’s managers at the award-winning jewellery chain Allum & Sidaway – fell over a low wall and plunged to his death. He had been drinking from a free bar shortly before the accident.

Mail On Sunday (21 May 2017)

Police quiz missing Polish lawyer's mother, 84, as she finds mystery man's business card in forest retreat her daughter shared with dentist husband

A mysterious business card left in a forest lodge could hold a vital clue to the disappearance of lawyer Renata Antczak. Police are investigating rumours that the Polish-born mother-of-two – who has been missing from her Hull home for almost a month – had an affair with a man named Przemek before she vanished.

Mail On Sunday (2 April 2017)

Jeremy Thorpe DID send a hitman to kill me - and they are STILL covering it up: MP's ex-lover reveals police were on the verge of charging a detective over the lurid murder trial - but dropped case due to 'missing court papers'

Early last year, a man called Norman Scott was asked to recount to detectives his role in one of the Twentieth's Century’s greatest political scandals. What poured forth over four days was a twisting story involving an illicit affair, secret letters, blackmail claims, a botched assassination attempt on a lonely moor, a shabby cover-up and, finally...

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