Sun On Sunday (11 September 2016)

Is this sonar image of the WWI submarine my grandad died in? British expert joins divers in bid to solve 100-year-old mystery after wartime wreck on which his ancestor served is found off the coast of Germany

It is an enduring wartime mystery – the exact fate and final resting place of a Royal Navy spy submarine sunk with the loss of all its crew in 1914.

And for Keith Hiscock, one of Britain’s leading marine biologists, the loss is also a personal tragedy because his grandfather was among 25 British sailors on board that day. The fate of D2 – described in the Navy’s official Loss List as ‘sunk in North Sea, cause unknown’ – has always nagged at Dr Hiscock. But following a chance conversation with a former colleague, it appears the truth may finally emerge.

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Mail On Sunday (4 September 2016)

A sick waste: Piled high in a skip, a mountain of NHS crutches, wheelchairs and vital medical equipment dumped for scrap - in a scandal that costs YOU millions in taxes every year

The NHS is wasting millions of pounds each year by needlessly scrapping vital medical equipment that could be reused. A Mail on Sunday investigation has found that thousands of crutches, walking frames, sticks and wheelchairs are systematically dumped in skips or never returned to hospitals, costing taxpayers millions.

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Mail On Sunday (August 21, 2016)

Swept to their deaths: Father dies in Cornwall after 10ft waves wash family off rocks as mother and 7-year-old son drown in the North Sea

A father died and his two-year-old daughter was left fighting for her life last night after they were swept into the sea by 10ft waves in Newquay, Cornwall, yesterday. And in a double tragedy, a mother and her son died after a day out at the beach in Aberdeen.

In Newquay, the RNLI and Coastguard managed to rescue the man’s partner, while the couple’s terrified sons looked on from rocks.

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Sun On Sunday (July 31, 2016)

Escaped lynx finally back in Dartmoor zoo following three weeks on the run from keepers

Big cat Flaviu said to be "grumpy" at his return to zoo, after being caught when he attacked four lambs

RUNAWAY lynx Flaviu was finally caught yesterday — after being snared on a killing spree.

His recapture came three weeks after he vanished from Dartmoor Zoo, sparking a widespread big cat hunt.

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Mail On Sunday (June 26, 2016)

Muddy hell! Glastonbury lament of festival fans who, er, forgot to vote in the EU referendum

Young people overwhelmingly supported Britain remaining in the EU – and many now complain they have been betrayed by the Brexit-backing older generation. But how many young adults actually voted in the referendum?

Among the revellers at Glastonbury festival this weekend, some simply forgot to cast their ballot. In a straw poll of 50 festival-goers aged 18 to 30, 29 said they had voted Remain – but 21 admitted they did not vote at all.

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