Mail On Sunday (28 January 2017)

'Black Widow' accused of killing her wealthy British IT consultant husband says he WAS murdered but not by her… as she launches an astonishing attack on his family and vows to be a ‘splinter’ in their side

A former stripper accused of murdering her wealthy British husband as they celebrated their first wedding anniversary in Ukraine has launched an extraordinary attack on his grieving family.

Relatives of IT consultant Barry Pring told a coroner’s court last week they believe internet bride Anna Ziuzina arranged his brutal death to seize his £1.5 million inheritance.

Mr Pring, 47, was tricked into standing by a busy dual carriageway following a boozy dinner with his wife and was killed instantly in an 80mph hit-and-run by a car carrying stolen number-plates.

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Mail On Sunday (15 January 2017)

Moor ponies are being fatally poisoned by waste from old tin mines, claims charity as it raises arsenic fears

Moorland ponies are being poisoned by waste from old tin mines, according to a charity.

Shocking research has shown that one pond on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall contains at least nine times the safe level of arsenic for livestock.

The arsenic is said to have leaked out of an old mine. At least 23 ponies are known to have died in Bodmin’s East Moor district in the past 12 months.

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Mail On Sunday (8 January 2017)

The clinch that shows love rat Ross has finally been forgiven: Exclusive pictures from latest BBC drama show Poldark's marriage is back on track

Their torrid relationship was tested to the limit when he betrayed her for an old flame. But the fiery passion between Ross Poldark and his wife Demelza has been rekindled – judging by their embrace in our exclusive pictures from the set of the next series of the BBC drama.

Heart-throb Aidan Turner, 33, who plays the troubled hero in the 18th Century Cornish saga, and 24-year-old Eleanor Tomlinson were filmed laughing and hugging joyfully before gazing deeply into each other’s eyes.

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Mail On Sunday (5 November 2016)

Costa is hit by the great coffee shop rebellion: Protests are launched against proposed outlets in towns amid fears the chain will take away business from independent cafes

With thousands of outlets across the country, it is the coffee chain to which many shoppers happily turn to for a cappuccino or shot of espresso.

But Costa is leaving a bitter taste for a growing army of campaigners who are determined to stop it expanding into their scenic towns.

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Mail On Sunday (11 September 2016)

Is this sonar image of the WWI submarine my grandad died in? British expert joins divers in bid to solve 100-year-old mystery after wartime wreck on which his ancestor served is found off the coast of Germany

It is an enduring wartime mystery – the exact fate and final resting place of a Royal Navy spy submarine sunk with the loss of all its crew in 1914.

And for Keith Hiscock, one of Britain’s leading marine biologists, the loss is also a personal tragedy because his grandfather was among 25 British sailors on board that day.

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