Mail On Sunday (15 August 2021)

So fast, Mr Bond! 007 takes about 2.3 meetings with a woman to seduce her, shows research

He has recently been accused of being the world’s wokest licensed killer. And now, research on James Bond’s past romantic antics reveals just how much the screen’s greatest seducer has been tamed.

A study of all 24 films prior to the current No Time To Die has discovered that the agent often seduced women quicker than a martini is shaken, not stirred.

The testosterone-fuelled agent takes about 2.3 meetings with a woman to seduce her, according to statistics from a research paper by Dr Richard Zegers of Utrecht University.

More than 27.8 per cent of Bond’s targets succumb on first acquaintance and, among these, the number of sentences uttered between initial chat-up and bedroom is typically between seven and eight.

Across all 24 films, however, Bond takes a little longer – needing about 37 sentences per seduction.

Mail On Sunday (14 November 2021)

EXCLUSIVE: Plymouth killer's school teacher tells how he was obsessed with guns and had a history of compulsive disorder and anger issues - so how is it possible he was allowed to have a shotgun?

A teacher who knew Plymouth killer Jake Davison expressed his fury and disbelief last night that his former pupil was allowed to own a shotgun – and revealed that he had been obsessed with firearms from a young age.

In the wake of Davison’s terrifying rampage – during which he massacred his mother, a three-year-old girl and her father, a dog walker and a bystander – stunned teacher Jonathan Williams described the decision to grant him a gun licence as a ‘catastrophic mistake’.

Mail On Sunday (8 August 2021)

Sorry, but Geronimo HAS to die: Minister's heartbreaking final verdict on alpaca who's tested positive for TB and whose fate is dividing Britain

Cabinet Minister George Eustice today defends the decision to put down Geronimo the alpaca – despite the owner telling him he will have 'blood on his hands'.

Writing in The Mail on Sunday, the Environment Minister admits it is 'soul-destroying' to have to kill animals, but insists it is the right decision to stop the spread of disease.

The MP – and former farmer – says: 'While there are moments of joy and optimism in farming, every livestock farmer has to get used to their share of tragedy and loss.'

The Sun On Sunday (17 July 2021)

BAD SAMARITANS Samaritans callers put at risk by rogue volunteers including ‘sex predators’

DOZENS of callers to Samaritans have been put at risk by rogue volunteers — including alleged sex predators.

The charity has had to investigate 46 so-called safeguarding rule breaches in the past four years.

It reported the most serious to police, it is understood.

A source said: "A number of Samaritans have been taking advantage of callers, meeting them outside shift rotas."

"The numbers are tiny compared to the good work done but it shouldn’t be hushed up."

Mail on Sunday (14 August 2021)

Aldi launches MARTINI-flavoured Wensleydale cheese (...isn't that crackers, Wallace and Gromit?)

It's enough to make Wallace and Gromit choke on their favourite brand of cheese – supermarket chain Aldi is offering Wensleydale infused with a range of cocktails.

The animated film stars are huge fans of the traditional North Yorkshire cheese, but experts say its milky, crumbly texture makes it ideal for blending with flavourings including espresso martini, pink gin and raspberry, and spiced rum and honey.

None of the Aldi cheeses actually contains alcohol.

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