Sun On Sunday (April 1st, 2023)

'PEACE' COVER UP Second Argentinian invasion of Falklands ‘hushed up’ by Tony Blair’s government, military historians claim

ARGENTINE forces landed on the Falklands years after the 1982 war — but Tony Blair’s government hushed it up, military historians claim. One believes it was kept quiet "to keep the peace".

Rumours began after an inflatable boat containing Argentine military kit was found partly buried on a beach near the islands’ capital Stanley in December 2001. It was quickly removed by British soldiers and an information blackout imposed. Falklands-born historian Graham Bound believes it "had clearly been covered up by the British government".

Sun Online (April 16th, 2023)

EART 'TRIGGER' BBC presenter suffered heart problem live on air after learning he was being made redundant

A BBC radio presenter had a heart scare live on air after learning he was getting the boot. David Fitzgerald was replaced 30 minutes into his show following what he called a “little heart issue”.

He suffers from atrial fibrillation, which causes the heart to beat irregularly. He learnt he was being made redundant from BBC Radio Devon on Wednesday then presented his mid-morning show the following day. After being replaced half an hour into the show, David, who is recovering at home, said on social media: “Just a little heart issue this morning, on the radio.”

Sun Online (April 14th, 2023)

SURF AND TURFED OUT Our once-thriving seaside village has become a ghost town as posh toffs snap up HALF the homes and raise house prices

LOCALS in a once-thriving seaside village say it has become a ghost town because posh toffs have bought up half the homes. With its glorious beach and jaw-dropping coastal scenery the village of Croyde, North Devon, has become one of Britain’s most desirable seaside getaways.

Yet the popularity of Croyde, and its adjoining village of Georgeham, has led to a bitter backlash among locals as buy-to-let investors from “up-country” scramble for holiday homes in what is a protected Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Sun Online (March 27th, 2023)

BEB-NO US tech millionaire promised to give our little village a £1M makeover… but instead he’s left us with a living NIGHTMARE

MILLIONAIRE internet tycoon Michael Birch was hailed a saviour after revealing plans to restore the village of his ancestors to its former glory.

True to his word the 52-year-old former Bebo boss bought up the crumbling pub and manor house and soon added the grocery store, fish and chip shop, a portfolio of historic cottages and a 90-acre farm. But now, almost eight years on, there are rebellious mutterings among locals that far from saving picturesque Woolsery, West Devon, his vision has divided residents and – as one put it - "made our lives a living hell".

Mail On Sunday (January 1st, 2023)

I felt the boat's propeller hit me... I just can't believe I'm alive': British yoga instructor, 37, reveals how her husband's loving words helped her miraculously survive horror accident while on luxury diving trip in Mexico.

Amor Armitage, a British yoga instructor has miraculously survived horrific injuries caused by a boat propeller while on a luxury holiday in Mexico..

She was diving in the Caribbean with her husband Chase when she was struck by a boat propeller which caused her extensive injuries. She is recovering in hospital but needs £60,000 to pay her medical bills

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